Our Founding Donors - With Us 100%

Our Founding Donors are enabling us to reimagine change. We are so grateful for their belief that a World of Change® is possible, and their confidence to invest so generously during this exciting start-up phase. By funding all of our operating costs, they are enabling us to use 100% of public donations toward making change.

Two Tons of Change ($50,000+)

Wasserman Foundation

Ton of Change ($25,000+)


Truckload Of Change ($12,500-$24,999)

Brett & Erin Austin

Hancock Lumber Company

William J.J. Gordon Foundation

Scheerer Family Foundation

Barry & Susan Tatelman Family Foundation

Boatload of Change ($6,250-$12,499)

Brett & Susan Flynn Family Foundation

Homer Family Foundation

1/8 - 1/4 Mile of Quarters ($2,500 - $6,249)             

DKM Fund 

Ron & Stacy Hodge

Aidan, Elsie & Matt Hoidal

Kelso Fund

Dick & Carol Peterson

Tim & Joan Porta

Susan Scarola (for the Scarola-Hudson-Cassidy Family)

100-200 Yard Dash of Quarters ($1,000 - $2,499)

Alexandra Hoidal Billington

Blaze Partners

Karen & Bill Burke

Chalmers Insurance Group

David & April McElhinny

Michael & Gwen Moore

Betsy Morrell

Payroll Management, Inc.

Rapid Insight

Chris & Nova Rogers