100% Of Your Donation Goes Directly To Making Change

Private donors, foundations, and sponsors cover our operating costs so 100% of your money can fund change.

We believe that anyone can make change, and that large scale change begins at local and individual levels. World of Change™ will empower people at all levels to use their change to make a difference, and elevate the vibrations of the universe. 

World of Change® is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. You may be able to deduct some or the entire amount of your donation for tax purposes.

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Get Involved: Educate, Inspire, Thank, Give, Change!

Schools: Coin drives at schools have been very well received, as have grassroots philanthropic initiatives. Besides teaching children about helping others, the collection of coins also lends to teaching opportunities in math. How much does a pound/gallon of change way, how many quarters in a foot/yard/mile, how many quarters from the classroom door to the principal's office? There's no end to engaging children in making change.

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Summer Camps: Picture kids' summer camps participating in Coin Olympics, incorporating change collection into athletic challenges, arts and crafts projects, and various other fun events. Camps can purchase our World of Change® logo tee shirts, packed in our branded coin collection mason jars, as welcome gifts to campers before they arrive. The tee shirts and jars can be co-branded. Campers can collect and bring their change to camp.

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Businesses: Because this program has community-wide appeal, businesses and their employees are embracing it. Companies with financial, educational, and or philanthropic focuses are ideal partners. Furniture stores, home builders, and auto dealers can develop media campaigns, encouraging customers to bring in their change found in sofas, in homes, or in autos, and stores can match those donations and offer a special gift or discount.

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Customer/Employee Appreciation & Loyalty: Our World of Change® logo tee shirts, packed in our branded coin collection mason jars, are great gifts for employees and customers. These can be co-branded, and distributed as holiday gifts, at corporate retreats; or used as new customer acquisition or loyal customer retention gifts.  

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Gifts: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Just Because! Our tee shirt mason jar combo is also a meaningful gift for any occasion. Relatives, friends, colleagues will wear them with pride, while adding their two cents to this change movement.

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Events & News: 

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Events & Festivals: Stay tuned for details regarding ChangeFest®, our Record Setting Change Festival!



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