We Make Change In Two Ways

1. We use spare change as an easy, low-barrier tool to empower and inspire youth (and adults alike), to discover and fulfill their capacities as change makers. We work primarily with schools and camps, and other youth groups, where we can share our teachings broadly, and activate large groups of kids. collect loose change and put that change to good use.

2. We also give youth choice in determining the direction of their investments, encouraging them to research local needs and opportunities within their communities, and deciding together where to make the most of their efforts.

100% of the funds collected go directly to programs with partners who are doing life changing work in the areas of housing, food security, education, health and wellness, animals & nature, and children’s play. Private donors and sponsors cover our operating costs so 100% of your money can make change.

When possible, we secure matching challenges from individuals and foundations to double the impact of the change we’ve collected. 

Because we believe that making a World of Change® requires creativity and discovery, each opportunity includes an element of wonderment, to help elevate the positive vibrations of the universe. A child's journey should be an adventure filled with learning, growth, and empowerment.