Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you have a question not answered here or elsewhere on this site, please Contact Us.

“How do you know there’s really $10 Billion in spare change, sitting idle in the U.S. alone?” “Do Americans really throw away $62 million in change annually?”

The internet says it, so it must be true! Actually, whatever the real number is, whether $10 Billion or $1 Billion, it’s sufficient enough to fuel all of our youth group engagements. Same with the $62 million estimate. Even if Americans throw away a fraction of that, it’s still too much – change that could otherwise improve lives for many.

“Is it true 100% of the change collected goes to fund nonprofit partner programs in World of Change’s six focus areas?” “How does WOC pay its organization expenses?”

WOC has a separate group of funders who invest in essential organization operations. This provides opportunity for a heightened level of conversation around expenses, and helps fulfill WOC’s promise of impact and leverage to the many change makers with whom WOC engages.

“What other groups are using change as an empowerment tool among youth?”

While there are various organizations who encourage the collection of change for a specific cause (e.g. Pennies for Patients), World of Change is unique in giving youth a choice in what they support. This is something we are very proud of because it empowers youth to learn about numerous challenges their community faces and gives them the opportunity to support a cause they truly believe in.  

“I don’t carry cash anymore, and I know plenty of other people don’t either. How can people like me participate?”

Surprisingly, we only get this question less than 5% of the time, that’s why we worked with an app developer to offer an easy way for credit/debit card users to link their accounts to a World of Change Round-up Program.  

“How does WOC choose which nonprofit partners and programs to invest in?” “Can change makers choose where they want their change to go?”

This is a combination/dual approach where WOC chooses partners based on knowledge it has acquired from various sources, and other partners are chosen by youth leading efforts to leverage WOC as a mechanism through which to impact change in their own communities.

“Do you just accept coins, or can donors give via cash, check, or credit card?” “What about foreign currency?”

While our focus is on using spare change as a tool and low-barrier, accessible approach to illustrate the power of change, we know WOC will continue to inspire giving in various forms. Cash or other types of gifts will be put to good use, along with change collected, making impacts in our six focus areas. Same holds true for foreign currency. We can easily convert that unused currency into meaningful impact.Below