Join Hands, Inspire Others, Change the World

Making change is easy when people join together. Your opportunities to get involved in our simple movement are limitless. Organize a change collection at your school, summer camp, community group, or elsewhere.

Schools: Coin drives at schools have been very well received, as have grassroots philanthropic initiatives. Besides teaching children about helping others, the collection of coins also lends to teaching opportunities in math. How much does a pound/gallon of change way, how many quarters in a foot/yard/mile, how many quarters from the classroom door to the principal's office? There's no end to engaging children in making change.

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Summer Camps: Through our partnership with Maine Camp Experience (MCE) member camps, we've witnessed the ease in which our simple concept fits their goals of offering campers activities and programs that instill a lifelong commitment to giving back.

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Businesses: Because this program has community-wide appeal, businesses and their employees are embracing it. Companies with financial, educational, and or philanthropic focuses are ideal partners. Furniture stores, home builders, and auto dealers can develop media campaigns, encouraging customers to bring in their change found in sofas, in homes, or in autos, and stores can match those donations and offer a special gift or discount. Employee outings and customer appreciation events are also great opportunities to host and match a change collection. 

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Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Celebrations, Holidays: In lieu of gifts, invite guests to bring their change to your birthday party, wedding anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or any other special occasion.

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