People Are Saying Nice Things About Us

Below is a representative selection of testimonials from youth, parents, educators, and professionals paying tribute to the importance of our simple concept, and its efficacy as a tool to enable youth to discover their change making potential.

“Our children get to make a decision by collecting the change, where the change goes - so they have ownership, they’re proud, they feel like they have a voice in where that money is going, and they know that what they are doing is really going to make a difference for so many people, and that is the gift that comes from World of Change.” - Gloria Noyes, Principal, Falmouth Elementary School (Maine)

"Maine Camp Experience (MCE) camps have an ongoing and longstanding commitment to engaging campers in social action initiatives. We’re excited that many MCE member camps have participated in World of Change and that our campers get to learn about giving back through this exciting and meaningful program." - Laurie Kaiden, Director, Maine Camp Experience (Maine)

Denise All, our Lead Kindergarten teacher, stated that this fundraiser was one of the most meaningful for her and her students. She loved watching her students come in each day with a coin purse full of change and thinking very intently on where they should donate their money. It led to many powerful and important discussions.” - Kelly Johnson, Director of Enrollment, The Hill School (Middleburg, VA)

World of Change presents an amazing model and mission; I'm so glad that we could be a part of it. It created a really cool, engaging and inspiring experience for all of our students. Thank you for the good work you're doing. It was an honor to be your ambassador down here in Philly.” - John F. Neary, M. Ed, 6th and 8th Grade Literacy, Albert M. Greenfield Elementary School (Philadelphia, PA)

Just wanted to swing back to give a huge shout out on World of Change! A few students came to me today during breakfast meeting mentioning how they felt great being able to make a change in a way that was so easy for them to complete. Thank you again! Looking forward to making this a yearly tradition for our students.” - Travis Welcome, Mott Haven Academy Charter School (Bronx, NY)

"Camp Micah's mission is to instill the values of accepting others, bettering yourself and making the world a better place for everyone. Our ongoing partnership with World of Change aligns perfectly with our mission and helps our campers to explore the many needs that exist in our challenging world. For the past two years our campers have brought change to camp and to our reunion in January. Their parents also brought change to visiting day. It is easy social action that makes a real impact in the area of need each person chooses. Many of our campers have brought World of Change back to their schools as well. A little change makes a big difference in how we can change the world. Camp Micah is thrilled to be a part of this great organization.  I urge other camps and schools to get involved." - Mark H Lipof, LICSW, Director, Camp Micah (Bridgton, ME)

World of Change has taught me the importance of leadership and taking charge of charitable actions rather than just passively following what others are doing.” - Eli Lapkin, Co-Chair/World of Change Youth Ambassadors (Harrison, NY)

It makes me feel good to help and inspire others. Collecting change for World of Change was a simple and meaningful way to make small change count.” –Jordan S. (Voorhees, NJ)

"It seems that the program/curriculum delivered at Yarmouth Elementary School really moved the children. I know I heard specifically about the different jars; Holtyn enjoyed being able to choose which jar his coins went into. He had also chosen to bring his own money in to school during the time they collected at school. For his birthday party donations, some parents told me their kids also were very clear that they wanted to use their own money to help with Holtyn's donation." Debbie D., Mom to 2nd Grader, Holtyn (Yarmouth, ME)

"My son Jack came home telling us all about your amazing organization - what a great learning experience for all of them." Rebecca S., Mom to 3rd Grader, Jack (Yarmouth, ME)

"My sister, Susan, gave us all World of Change jars for Xmas. Today, we counted the change and the great grandchildren talked about the recipient of the change. Great family activity and a meaningful way to give back." - Ellen S. E. (Colleyville, TX)