Gather Pocket Change And Make A World Of Change®

There's an estimated $10 billion in loose change sitting idle in American households - an average of $90 per household not being put to use. Another estimate calculates $62 million in spare change discarded every year. World of Change® is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which uses a series of ongoing matching challenges and grassroots fundraising efforts to mobilize and leverage this collective capacity. 

100% goes to Making change

100% of your change goes directly to programs with established partners who are doing life-changing work in the areas of housing, food security, education, animals and nature, health and wellness, and children’s play/discovery. Private donors, foundations, and sponsors cover our operating costs so 100% of your change can make change.

Engaging Youth In Philanthropy & Change

World of Change® does more than benefit kids as receivers of change. Throughout most everything we do, we engage youth in understanding citizenship, the powers they have as individual change agents, and their capacities for local and global impact.

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