Our Primary Audience - Youth & Young Adults

World of Change strives to engage youth in philanthropy worldwide. To make this possible we rely on partnerships with schools, summer camps, and other youth groups where environments are conducive to inspiring, empowering, and activating collaborative change. By honoring its promise to distribute 100% of the change collected to programs designated by change makers, and providing easy wins - opportunities that seem achievable - World of Change enables children and young adults to grasp that they themselves can change the world. With the many schools and camps listed below already doing a remarkable job of inspiring leadership among their youth, many youth have already stepped up to take our concept beyond these environments, back to their hometowns where they can expand their spheres of influence. Teachers, camp counselors, and others are also helping take our concept out into their worlds.

If you wish to bring World of Change to your school, summer camp, or youth group, please feel free to contact us.

Schools | Summer Camps

  • Maine (Schools)

    • Boxberry School (Harrison)

    • Chebeague Island School (Chebeague Island)

    • Falmouth Elementary School (Falmouth)

    • Falmouth Middle School (Falmouth)

    • Falmouth High School (Falmouth)

    • Waynflete Middle School (Portland)

    • Waynflete High School (Portland)

    • Yarmouth Elementary School (Yarmouth)

  • Maine Camp Experience (Member Camps)

    • Camp Kippewa (Monmouth)

    • Camp Mataponi (Naples)

    • Camp Matoaka (Smithfield)

    • Camp Micah (Bridgton)

    • Camp Modin (Belgrade)

    • Camp Skylemar (Naples)

    • Camp Takajo (Naples)

    • Camp Vega (Fayette)

    • Camp Wekeela (Hartford)

    • Camp Wildwood (Bridgton)

    • Fernwood Cove (Harrison)

    • Tripp Lake Camp (Poland)

    • Wyonegonic Camps (Norway)

  • Massachusetts

    • River Valley Charter School (Newburyport)

  • Maryland

    • City Springs Elementary School- Fall, 2018 (Baltimore)

    • City Springs Middle School-Fall, 2018 (Baltimore)

  • New York

    • Harrison Avenue Elementary School (Harrison)

    • Harrison High School (Harrison)

    • Mott Haven Academy (Bronx)

    • S. J. Preston Elementary School (Harrison)